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Dealership Spotlight: The Pastry Lady

We’re ready to start the summer off on a bright note: with a new “Dealership Spotlight” for all of you to enjoy! This month, the spotlight is on The Pastry Lady. The Pastry Lady joined the Butter Braid® Fundraising team many years ago and was recently taken over by a North Carolina family. These new owners have always felt blessed, from the career opportunities they’ve been granted to the precious memories they’ve gathered. Now, they want to share those blessings with the amazing people in their local communities. 


Tracy and Tony Self are self-described “business wizards”. Tracy worked in Human Resources for over 10 years while also being an active realtor and owning the local dance studio. Tony worked for more than 20 years in several different fields. He spent time in IT, accounting, management, and Human Resources. The Selfs are grateful for all the memories and skills each of these positions brought.

In 2019, the Selfs were ready to change up their careers. With a growing family at home, Tony and Tracy wanted jobs that would give them more time with their children. They also wanted to find something that would allow them to use their various skills and abilities to support their community. You see, Tracy and Tony have always loved helping others. They consider themselves to be abundantly blessed, and they are always looking for opportunities to share those blessings with as many people as possible.

Tracy learned all about Butter Braid® Pastries and running a fundraising dealership from Heather and Doug Doolen, the previous owners of The Pastry Lady. After trying the pastries for the first time, Tracy and Tony knew this would be an incredible business opportunity. It would allow them to work with the communities they love, and, as an added bonus, they’d get to do it as a family alongside their four children. Tracy and Tony officially took over the business in Denver, North Carolina in March 2020.

Changes to the Dealership

Tracy and Tony have been working to expand their North Carolina dealership since they took over three years ago. The biggest change they’ve made has been the addition of the online store feature to their fundraisers. This new option allows sellers to promote their own, personal online store link via email, text, or social media. Supporters can order and pay online using a credit card or mobile wallet. As a bonus, all deliveries are prepacked and organized by seller to keep the fundraising process as easy as possible.

Fundraising Groups

The Selfs are grateful for all the relationships they’ve built through their dealership and fundraisers. Tracy says she loves that she gets to spend every day working with groups in her area and helping them reach their goals; from teachers to volunteers to coaches, she and Tony are happy they can lend a helping hand to these pillars of the community.

The Pastry Lady has helped many groups run successful fundraisers over the years. This North Carolina dealership supported groups raising money for teacher gifts, new equipment, travel expenses, group supplies, team events, tuition, and more.  

Group leaders love the personalized service they receive from the owners of The Pastry Lady; it’s the extensive knowledge the Selfs have and their desire to do whatever they can to help others that encourages these groups to come back year after year. “From start to finish, this fundraiser is extremely easy to do,” Jennifer, a group leader from Concord, explained. “The people we worked with at The Pastry Lady were wonderful and made the experience such a joy. The pastries are so delicious that they really do sell themselves. We can’t wait to do this one again!”

Connect with The Pastry Lady Today!

The Butter Braid brand is fortunate to have a couple as knowledgeable and compassionate as the Selfs on our team. Tracy and Tony are a duo that bring a lot of heart into their fundraisers and to the communities they serve. It’s that distinct touch they add to each fundraiser that makes The Pastry Lady so special to local groups. If you’re a group in North Carolina in need of a fundraiser, give The Pastry Lady a call or signup online today! Tracy and Tony are sure to have you on your way to fundraising success in no time.  



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