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Dealership Spotlight: Your Fundraising Friends

March is here which means it’s time for a new “Dealership Spotlight” feature! This month, we’re excited to introduce you to one of the newest additions to the Butter Braid® Fundraising team. Your Fundraising Friends opened its doors last year in Nixa, MO. The dealership may be new, but it has taken no time for its owners to begin to make a positive impact in their area through their easy-to-run fundraising programs. That’s because this dealership has made it their mission to always have a friendly, happy attitude and treat each group leader, seller, and supporter as a friend.


Augustus, aka Gus, and Trey Smith have always wanted to be part of something that does good in the world. They both have a lot of heart and love helping others. This giving spirit is something that seems to run in the family. Trey is the son of Jamie and Tim Rodgers. You may recognize these names as we introduced you to them in a “Dealership Spotlight” back in June 2022. Jamie and Tim are the owners of High Profit Fundraising. For over 17 years, they’ve been sharing their love of fundraising with groups and helping them reach their fundraising goals. Clearly, they also shared that love with their children.

After years of watching Jamie and Tim run their business, Gus and Trey knew that owning a fundraising dealership was the right career choice for them. Gus also had a solid foundation in the fundraising world thanks to her previous experiences with the local Rotary program. For these two, helping groups raise money for worthy causes is exactly the kind of work they love to do. That’s because it lets them “Share the Good” with so many people. Plus, opening their own fundraising dealership came with other, important benefits. Both Trey and Gus would have flexibility to make their own schedules, and they’d get the opportunity to meet plenty of new, amazing people.

In 2022, Gus and Trey were finally ready to make the leap and start the fundraising dealership they had been dreaming of. They packed their bags and their furry friends and headed off to Nixa, MO where they opened Your Fundraising Friends later that year.

The “Your Fundraising Friends” Promise

The owners of Your Fundraising Friends have a lot of plans for this dealership. Gus says that she and Trey love to set goals for themselves. Setting goals helps them continue to strive to meet expectations and encourages them to grow their business. “We also want to make sure Your Fundraising Friends is a business we can be proud of,” Gus explains. “That means always doing our best to help groups achieve their goals and providing a friendly, happy business environment that thrives on unbeatable customer service.”

Gus and Trey also plan to continue living by the values and principles taught to them by Jamie and Tim.  “We are so blessed to have parents in the same industry who have many years of experience and wisdom,” Trey says. “They have helped us more times than we can count, and we hope to grow our business to meet the ambitious standards they have shown us in High Profit Fundraising.”

Fundraising Groups

Gus and Trey love the people they get to work with. Everyone, from the group leader to the sellers to the supporters, is excited, determined, and shares the same desire to help others that Gus and Trey do. The group leaders are amazing, passionate people that work every day to better their communities; Gus and Trey feel blessed to be able to help them achieve their goals. They also enjoy seeing how excited some sellers and supporters get about the products offered by Your Fundraising Friends ; it makes them both feel good to know that a person’s week just got a little better thanks to the delicious treat they now get to enjoy with their family.

Since its start in 2022, Your Fundraising Friends has helped groups raise money for a wide variety of causes. This includes a book vending machine, trips to Washington D.C., dance recitals, crisis nursery donations, and more. For Gus and Trey, it has been a very rewarding experience to see their groups and organizations reach their goals. “We are so proud of the fun things they raise money for and of all the good that comes from it,” Gus says.

Meet Maggie and Brooks!

You may have noticed that two members of the Your Fundraising Friends team are a little different than most sales representatives. Gus and Trey have two, beautiful Boxer dogs called Maggie and Brooks. You may recognize them from the Your Fundraising Friends logo. You may even get to meet Maggie and Brooks yourself one day as the two occasionally accompany Gus and Trey on deliveries.

These dogs are a great source of inspiration for Gus and Trey. The two say they strive to embody Maggie’s and Brooks’ friendly and happy spirit in all they do. When they follow their dogs’ lead, they know that they are doing everything they can to “Share the Good” and are staying true to their company’s mission.

Connect with Your Fundraising Friends Today!

We hope everyone will join us in welcoming Gus, Trey, and Your Fundraising Friends to the Butter Braid® Fundraising team. Everyone at the Butter Braid® brand is looking forward to seeing all the great things that Your Fundraising Friends will accomplish in the years to come. Gus and Trey have true servant hearts, and they can’t wait to get out there and help more groups reach their goals. If you’re looking to run a fundraiser in southwest Missouri or extreme northwest Arkansas, give them a call or signup online today! After you partner with Gus and Trey, you’re guaranteed to have two fundraising friends for life.



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