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Dealership Spotlight: Carolina Cares Fundraising

August has arrived, and it has brought with it a new “Dealership Spotlight” feature. This month, we are introducing you to Carolina Cares Fundraising. Carolina Cares Fundraising joined the Butter Braid® Fundraising team in 2016. At this dealership, dedication to the community and making a positive impact is at the heart of everything they do. That’s all because of the business’ passionate owner, Mark Anderson, whose journey to success has been shaped by his connection to his family and his deep desire to help others achieve their goals.


Before beginning his journey into the fundraising industry, Mark Anderson was in the golf business. He was a caddy, an instructor, and even a professional player for a time. However, pro golf is not a career with a consistent income. With a growing family, Mark wanted something that would be more stable and allow him to spend more time with his loved ones.

Mark’s introduction to Butter Braid Pastries and its network of fundraising dealerships stemmed from his own family. His inspiration came from his aunt Joan, the owner of 417 Fundraising. During her time running a fundraising dealership, she would “Share the Good” with Mark by telling him stories of her time helping others through Butter Braid Pastry fundraisers. Mark’s experience with the delicious, hand-braided pastries started even earlier than this. He has many fond memories of his mom baking up the pastries for him as a child.

All these memories and inspirational anecdotes from his family encouraged him to reach out to the people at the Butter Braid brand to discuss the possibility of him opening his own dealership. In December 2015, Mark and his family packed up and moved from Austin, TX to Charleston, SC to prepare to start this next chapter of their lives. Carolina Cares Fundraising, now located in Hanahan, SC, took its first step towards creating meaningful change and opened its doors in January 2016.

Changes to the Dealership

Since its inception, Carolina Cares Fundraising has blossomed. Mark’s dedication to improving and adapting has led to the addition of several new product lines, expanding the options for his fundraising groups. The online store feature also proved to be a significant addition for the dealership. This option allows sellers to promote their own, personal online store link via email, text, or social media. Supporters can order and pay online using a credit card or mobile wallet. It’s an incredibly versatile feature that makes the fundraising experience even more accessible and convenient for sellers and supporters.

One unique aspect that sets Carolina Cares Fundraising apart is Mark’s on-site sorting approach. By streamlining logistics and opting for chest freezers instead of massive cold storage facilities, he maximizes efficiency and, most importantly, spends more time engaging with fundraising groups and spreading joy.

Fundraising Groups

The most rewarding part of Mark’s job is evident in the genuine smiles and heartfelt “thank yous” he receives from the groups he helps. “Doing this job, you surround yourself with truly happy people who are doing their best to help others and help themselves. It’s a real joy to do a job like this,” Mark explains.

Mark also loves the variety that comes with owning a fundraising dealership. He describes it like this, “There are so many different elements to the job. It is never boring or tedious. It’s fast paced but still allows me the freedom and flexibility to spend time with my family and friends.”

There’s also plenty of variety in the types of groups he supports through his fundraising programs. Over the years, he’s worked with schools, bands, chorus groups, fine art clubs, JROTC, sports teams, church groups, daycares, and more. Since 2016, he has helped these groups raise well over $750,000 for local causes.

Groups and group leaders are incredibly appreciative of the dedication and care that Mark takes with each fundraiser. Kyle, a group leader from Myrtle Beach, wrote “I wanted to take a second and thank you so much for everything with our fundraiser. You really care about making your customers happy and working around their schedules, and you made this one of the easiest fundraisers I have ever done! Thank you so much again, and I look forward to working with you in the future!”

What Mark Wants You to Know

As a word of advice to those considering owning their own business, Mark emphasizes the importance of self-motivation and dedication. “Being your own boss allows for flexibility and family time, which is hugely important, but it’s the effort and care invested in your business that will determine your success,” Mark says. “You’re the boss. You control how much you work and the amount of effort you put in. If you make excuses and don’t spend the time working to better your business and yourself, you won’t grow the way you want. If you do take the time to do all of that, you’ll have a very fulfilling career because you’re making an awesome impact on your community and surround yourself with great people.”

Connect with Carolina Cares Fundraising Today!

Everyone at Butter Braid Fundraising is grateful to have a passionate, dedicated owner like Mark Anderson on our team. With a heart for helping and a passion for making a difference, Mark and Carolina Cares Fundraising exemplify the spirit of giving back. If you’re in South Carolina and are looking to run a fundraiser, give Carolina Cares Fundraising a call or signup online today. Mark will help you down the path towards creating a lasting impact on your group and your community, one pastry at a time.



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