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WOW Experiences

As my daughter put it "This is what God must eat in heavan" We purchased a couple of Butter Braid pastries and we could not believe how wonderful they were. My wife and I are thinking these would be great holiday gifts.
Raymundo - Olive Branch, MS

I couldn't believe how these sell themselves!! I was unsure how they would do so I brought samples to my office and sold 31 in ONE day! Most of the people who bought them don't even know me. They just really enjoyed them so much they had to take some home. There was so much buzz around the office about them that I asked our rep to bring more samples a couple days later and I sold 15 more that morning. Samples are the way to go!! They are so delicious!!/
Kristin - Hampton, VA

WOW isn't the word, without a doubt the best I have ever eaten. My granddaughter called me the day before their sale ended, and was rushed to get all the sales she could. Had I the time to check out your product I would have purchased more regardless of the price. I hope I hear when the school will be selling them again, because my granddaughter is graduating and will not be calling me to buy. I got the Cream Cheese, the Caramel and the Bravarian, I haven't eaten the Caramel yet, but just did fixed the Cream Cheese and ate the Bravarian last week, THEY were GREAT. THANK YOU for such a great product. John - Evanston, IN

My husband ordered the cinnamon one from one of his students. After hanging around in the freezer for a couple of months, we finally decided to eat it. I don't know why we waited so long! It was delicious, one of the best desserts I've had in a long, long time. Now we have to find someone else selling this because I NEED MORE!Soniya - Nazareth, PA

WOW!!!!!!!!! I bought my first Butter Braid pastry and am sorry that I only purchased one. I have never been so looking forward to another fundraiser. I bought the Bavarian Creme and was impressed at how light and tasty it was. I wish my son would stuff vegetables in his mouth as fast as he ate his pastry! Excellent product, and now I know to buy a dozen next time to keep in the freezer. Kimberly - Gilbert, AZ