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Dealership Spotlight: Sound Fundraising

The Butter Braid® brand is welcoming the new year with a brand new “Dealership Spotlight” feature. To kick off 2024, we’re shining the light on Sound Fundraising, a dealership nestled in the vibrant city of Seattle, WA. Sound Fundraising, under the guidance and leadership of Keith and Kimberly Wagner since 2018, offers more than just convenient, easy-to-run fundraisers. This dealership goes out of its way to give each group it works with the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.


The names Keith and Kimberly Wagner probably sound familiar to many long-time followers of Butter Braid Fundraising. That’s because they are also the co-owners of Integrity Fundraising in Colorado. In case you missed that post, here’s the story.

In 1997, Keith and Kimberly Wagner were introduced to Butter Braid Pastries by Marlyn Moen, the owner of Show Me Dough Fundraising. The Wagners and Kimberly’s parents, Al and Mary Hooyman, signed the papers with Marlyn and opened the doors to Integrity Fundraising soon after. Marlyn has been a cherished mentor and friend ever since.

Now that you’re all caught up, you’re probably wondering, “But how did Keith and Kimberly get from Integrity Fundraising in Colorado to Sound Fundraising in Washington?” Well, in 2018, Keith and Kimberly were presented with the opportunity to purchase the Seattle dealership from a wonderful family. Integrity Fundraising was in great hands; Al, Mary, Keith, and Kimberly had assembled an extremely talented team throughout the years. Also, Keith grew up in Seattle, so the idea of being back home and near his family made the offer one he and Kimberly couldn’t refuse. The two took ownership of Sound Fundraising in June 2018.

Changes to the Dealership

In the dynamic world of fundraising, evolution and progression is key. Keith and Kimberly, with their years of experience in the industry, know this well which is why they’re always working to streamline their processes. Since 2018, the two have made a series of strategic changes to Sound Fundraising to meet the needs of their community. First, they fine-tuned the pre-sorting and order fulfillment parts of the business and expanded their storage capabilities. Then, stepping further into the digital age, Sound Fundraising hired a dedicated team for marketing whose job was to enhance their email campaigns and refine their online presence. Finally, they added Lisa to the team. She is a vital part of the customer service experience as she is the point of contact for all their groups and driver scheduling. She has been an amazing addition to the team.

One of the biggest changes for the Wagners has been remembering that most of the people in their area have never tried a Butter Braid Pastry. Unlike back in Colorado, the delicious, hand-braided products had yet to become a community staple. That’s why they’ve been bringing samples to deliveries, ballfields, gymnastics & dance centers, and more. The Sound Fundraising team pairs these events with proactive outreach through sales calls to introduce the community to their fundraising programs and products. According to Keith, “The reception has been phenomenal. People really light up when they take that first bite of a pastry. Seeing their reaction is just so much fun.”

Fundraising Groups

Introducing the people of Seattle to Butter Braid Pastries isn’t the only thing Keith and Kimberly enjoy about owning Sound Fundraising. Keith says that getting involved in a business like this is all about helping groups and organizations. “The only reason we do what we do is to give everyone the opportunity to chase their dreams,” he explains. Sound Fundraising has been able to help so many groups do just that. In the last five years, the business has partnered with hockey leagues, lacrosse teams, ROTC groups, preschools, elementary schools, marching bands, cheer teams, music teachers, and more.

Connect with Sound Fundraising Today!

Everyone on the Butter Braid Fundraising team is excited to see what the future has in store for Sound Fundraising. Keith, Kimberly, and Lisa are truly passionate about the work they do and the community they’re part of, and they’re excited for a new year of “Sharing the Good” and helping groups achieve their dreams. One of those groups could be yours! If you’re in the Seattle area and in need of a fundraiser, give Sound Fundraising a call or sign up online today! Once you do, you’ll be on the path to turning your fundraising dreams into reality in no time.



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