4 Steps to Fundraising Success Roadmap: Set Up, Kick Off, Promote & Sell, and Pickup & Deliver

4 Simple Steps to Fundraising Success

What makes a fundraiser successful?

There are many ways to define success. When it comes to fundraising, groups most often determine if their fundraiser was successful by looking at whether or not they reached their goals. Did they raise enough funds? Were there enough sellers participating? Did they increase their number of supporters from last year? If these answer to these questions is “yes”, the fundraiser was a hit!

At the Butter Braid® brand, we take it a step further. For us, a fundraiser is successful if it helps a group reach their goals in the simplest way possible. That’s why we break down our fundraising program into four simple steps. Each step is easily defined to bring groups to fundraising success. They do this by helping to keep groups on track throughout the fundraising process, so they can spend less time worrying about what comes next and more time focusing on meeting their goals.

What are the steps of the fundraising process?

In a Butter Braid Fundraising program, any fundraising campaign can be broken down into four simple steps: set up, kick off, promote & sell, and pick up & delivery. These four steps come together to create fundraising success. Together, they form your own, personal fundraising roadmap that helps guide your fundraising activity, so you can get to your goal.

1. Set Up

After you sign up for your Butter Braid Fundraiser, you’ll partner with a local dealership that is part of a national fundraising network. They’ll be there to help you plan your goals, activate the online store, and register your sellers.

2. Kick Off

Start your fundraiser with an in-person or virtual event. Hand out information packets and seller tools, introduce your sellers to the product, and answer any questions they may have.

3. Promote & Sell

Remind sellers to share their online store link via social media, email, and text! Check in with your sellers periodically, so you can keep track of their progress. If you need a little boost, your local dealer is there to provide support and motivation to help get you over the finish line.

4. Pick Up & Delivery

Submit final orders and schedule a time for seller pick up. Orders will arrive prepacked by seller name to make the pick-up process as quick and easy as possible. Arrange delivery with your supporters and don’t forget to let them know you appreciate their help!

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