Focus on dollars and cents - infographic depicting how to maximize fundraising profit

Focus on the Dollars and Cents – Not the Profit Percents!

Do you know how to maximize your fundraising profits?

When it comes to fundraising, a wise man once said, “You can’t deposit percentages into your bank account.”

What you can deposit, is a high, per-item profit on each item sold! They will help you maximize fundraising profits at your next event.

Choose a simple fundraiser offering at least $5.00 per item profit. This will help you achieve your goals faster and with less overall effort.

While 50% or higher profit can seem like a great deal, be sure you know exactly how much work you are getting yourself into. This often times means you are paying for the hidden “fees” of:

  • Up-front purchases
  • Delivery fees
  • No fundraising support, resources, or tools
  • Long-term contracts
  • Low per-item profit
  • More work for you and your sellers

Check out the helpful infographic above to see how much a high, per-item profit can help you to maximize your fundraising profits! And check out Butter Braid® Pastry fundraising. It includes high per-item profit, short turnaround time, and online ordering. Your next fundraiser will be a breeze with us!

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